Wetumpka is situated in a growing rural area approximately 15 miles north of Montgomery. The Wetumpka Elementary School is a public school serving 950 students in grades K-4.  It houses 48 homeroom classes, which include 10 kindergartens,  11 first grades, 10 second grades, 9 third grades, and 7 fourth grade classes.  The school has a professional staff of  65 certified teachers, 3 administrators, and 14 paraprofessionals.

Little knowledge exists concerning public or private schools in Wetumpka until after the days of Reconstruction. Through the tireless efforts of Mr. Morris Hohenberg, Wetumpka was able to secure the Fifth District Agricultural School in 1897, a public school that had the first elementary grades in Wetumpka.  In 1929, Hohenberg Memorial became the first elementary school in Wetumpka with a teaching principal.  In the late 1960s, the school's name was changed to the Wetumpka Primary School.  In 1974, the school was moved to its present site and its name became the Wetumpka Elementary School.  Since that time it has had a mixture of grade levels.  As recently as 1991, the school was composed of two campuses, Campus I:  K-3 and Campus II: 4-6, with a professional staff of 100.  In 1992, the 4th-6th-grade campus became a separate school with a new name and its own administration.  With the addition of Redland Elementary School and consolidation of Wetumpka Intermediate and Wetumpka Junior High, Wetumpka Elementary School now consists of grades K-4. 

Much has been done to improve the quality of education for students at Wetumpka Elementary.  In 1999, 22 additional classrooms were built, along with a new administrative office and a new counselor's office.  A gymnasium was built for physical education activities in the early 1990s. In 2009, a student activities center was added to the campus. This activity is also a home to many professional developments and county meetings for all of Elmore County. In 2017, a new playground was built for the students of Wetumpka Elementary.


Wetumpka Elementary hosts several events to get parents and students involved. Some of these are WES Fest, STEM Days, Red Ribbon Week, Literacy Night, Read Across America Week, Art Under the Stars, and many others! Wetumpka Elementary school works hard to actively involve students, parents, and all of the Wetumpka community.

Wetumpka Elementary School continues to grow and update their facilities each year.